Our Process

To develop an excellent website, it should be planned well, designed well. We prefer to equate creating a website to building a house. You will need excellent plans that explain to the builders what things to construct. Our website development procedure is set up to be well planned and effective so that the website releases on time as well as on budget. The steps below typically outline our typical website design process:

We speak to you and find out the thing you need, what your objectives are and discuss simple methods to accomplish those goals.

Project Proposal
The Proposal document is introduced and any revisions are designed until finally it completely makes clear the goals of the website project.

Design review
We meet up with and talk about a particular style and design guidelines including components of the home page, colors, images, other websites you like, navigation and general layout.

Design Production & Revisions
Our team works on some authentic designs for your website. These web page designs are presented on the project/staging website and changes are made until you are satisfied with the home page design. The interior page design is going to be designed to match up the home page design but have more room for content. We keep developing until you are happy. There is absolutely no extra cost for us to keep working on the designs. We want you to love your new website.

Set up the CMS
Since the planning is finished (the blueprints are basically made), we go to work. Our team codes the designs in home and inside page templates and the CMS gets set up. Any programming or custom applications may also be included. Your website content material also then is arranged and formatted.

First Draft Proofing & Revisions
The very first draft of the now tangible website is displayed for proofing. Alterations are carried out by the website is ready to launch.

Site Launch
The website is launched and tested.

Post Launch Work
Additional testing is carried out to ensure all things are running as it should.By the end, you will have a website that looks good or looks GREAT, operates nicely with good navigational aids (pop-out navigation, site search engine and site map) and then fulfills and meets the goals of your web project.